My name is Kurt Von Eckroth. I’m a zither player, a zitherist if you will, from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Principally playing old world music interpreted for the instrument. This music includes pieces from Vienna, Bavarian, and the Rheingau as well as some New-World favorites. I sell CDs from this site and encourage folks to make enquiries about the instrument, find out about live music venues or schedule a special event for someone you love.

This is a hobby for me but something I love dearly.  I wish we could encourage a few more young people to take up the instrument. I must also say it is a real thrill to play “Tales from the Vienna Woods” with any symphony. I have been very lucky to have played with the Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Chicago symphonies.  These are listed in order for I could not honestly tell you one experience stood out more than another.

I play landlers, waltzes, marches and polkas. Click the button to watch the zither in action!

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